The BEST Gynecomastia Shirts Available Anywhere!

If you suffer with gynecomastia, commonly known as man boobs, you might be surprised to know that you can lose man boobs fast by wearing a t-shirt! No dangerous pills & no expensive gym memberships.

What’s so great about
gynecomastia shirts?

  • fastest way to hide man boobs
  • easiest way to look great
    without any effort
  • suitable for work and play
  • instantly look great for any occasion
  • reduce man boobs during
    dieting or exercise regimes

It’s estimated that over 30% of American men suffer from man boobs, so you are not alone with this problem. If you fear going out with friends, avoid family occasions or feel embarrassment when going on a date, then man boob shirts can help you enjoy any regular activities and situations like these.

Man Boob Shirts Reviews

We have tried out lots of compression shirts that we thought would to reduce the appearance of man boobs, some shirts even make that claim. Through the personal experience of our reviewers they have chosen the following shirts as the ones that will give the best results. We only list the ones that genuinely work, as we don’t want to waste your time in reading reviews of shirts that don’t work.

GyneSlim™ Shirts Review

GyneSlim™ Shirts

  • GyneSlim™ is designed for gynecomastia sufferers
  • Fantastic results
  • Hides man boobs instantly
  • Invisible under any clothing
  • High-quality cooling compression fabric
  • Made in USA


  • Rating 4.5/5 Stars.

Price: $31.99 FREE SHIPPING

Out of all the compression shirts we’ve ever tested, including gynecomastia shirts and slimming shirts, our reviewers found that GyneSlim™ shirts are the best to hide man boobs. We found the best results are from the ones that are designed for men with gynecomastia, and the chest compression results are far better than from regular compression shirts.

The best thing about GyneSlim™ shirts is that you get immediate results and and they also can be worn under all of your regular clothes without anyone noticing. Our GyneSlim™ review found that there’s also a slimming benefit to this shirt, which is a bonus. We recommend GyneSlim™ shirts as our No.1 because its a shirt that effectively targets your chest and it also gives you a slimming effect.


CompRX™ Shirts Review

CompRX™ Shirts

  • OK at hiding man boobs
  • Lightweight & cool fabric
  • Made in USA
  • Supports muscle fibers
  • Good value


  • Rating 3/5 Stars.

Price: $39.95 + $9.95 S+H

CompRX™ is a sports compression shirt that we found also helps to hide man boobs. Not good enough to be our #1 pick in either the value for money or results categories, CompRX shirts fall short of the high standards set by GyneSlim. Made from a mid-range material that is both lightweight and cool CompRX™ shirts can be worn beneath your everyday clothing, but their high collar can be seen under many shirts.

For a sports compression shirt we found that CompRX™ shirts hide man boobs better than a slimming shirt, but are nowhere near as good as a dedicated gynecomastia shirt such as our #1 ranked shirt, GyneSlim.


SlimTek Slimming Shirts Review

SlimTek™ Shirts

  • Nice light fabric
  • US Made
  • Made in China
  • Comfortable level of compression


  • Rating 2.75/5 Stars.

Price: $34.95 + $9.95 S+H

SlimTek first and foremost is an overall slimming shirt, so it will give you results in the chest area where you need it but also helps you with tucking in that belly (if you have one). We ranked their shirts at #3 because while they do an fairly good job at hiding your gynecomastia, they don’t do a great job of hiding themselves, be prepared to wear high neck and longer sleeved shirts to cover them up.

Although the shirts work well they cannot even come close to the performance of the GyneSlim™ shirts, with their specially designed sleeves and neck line the GyneSlim™ shirts are easily concealed under almost any top.


We only list the best shirts that work

Our reviewers suffer from this condition and know that it can cause anxiety and lower self confidence, so they have tried many gynecomastia shirts that claim to work. To help you choose the best shirt, we have rated only the best man boob shirts that have worked for us.

We have tried ALL kinds of shirts to see if they hide our man boobs. Slimming shirts, regular sports compression shirts, compression shirts designed specifically for gynecomastia, we’ve tried them all. They all do something, but do they actually flatten the chest in the way that we need? With our reviews you’ll find out.

How to Lose Man Boobs with Shirts

There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on something and then finding out that it does not work for you in the way that you need. And that’s especially true at the moment with the economy as it is. With our reviews you’ll be able to spend your money on the best shirt around.

If you want to know how to lose man boobs there are products that claim to cure gynecomastia but men we’ve spoken to find that they have problems with these treatments. Herbal pills can be dangerous as you don’t know what’s in them and exercise programs take a while to work and require expensive gym memberships. During these treatments Gynecomastia shirts can be used to help hide man boobs before you start to see results from them.

Compression shirts on the other hand, work immediately to reduce the appearance of your man boobs! The good news is there are specially designed man boob shirts out there that can make your chest look normal just by wearing them. Some manufacturers of compression wear even make undergarments for man boobs, so they reduce the signs of male breasts but still keep the rest of your body looking great. Even run of the mill compression shirts that athletes wear for sports, like the ones made by UnderArmour work, just not as well as the best man boob shirts for gynecomastia, and typically the UnderArmour brand shirts are way more expensive.

Don’t get ripped off, read our reviews before choosing the best shirt for you

Don’t make the mistake that we did and buy lots of shirts that didn’t work before finding the best one that works. Read our reviews and make up your own mind as to which is the best shirt for you.

Compression shirts for gynecomastia hide man boobs, but won’t get rid of them. But if you’re trying to get rid of them with exercise, herbal pills or even surgery a compression shirt will make you look better during your treatment.