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Overall Rating:

  • Rating 2.5/5 Stars.

InstaSlim™ Shirts overall review score
 2.5 out of 5
Reviewed by Adam

Price: $19.95

Don’t buy another shirt until you check out the best new number one shirt for hiding your Gynecomastia (enlarged male breast tissue)

Why settle when you can get the best for only a few dollars more. GyneSlim™ works so well we have not found a better shirt.

While InstaSlim™ Shirts for men are primarily designed for slimming your belly and love handles we had been hearing rumors that some men were wearing them to help cover up their man boobs. With rumors abound we had to check them out to see how they work and if they truly can help men cover up their gynecomastia with these shirts.

InstaSlim™ Shirts are also marketed through various means, over the internet and on television and offer you 3 different styles so it is easier to find one that will fit in with your wardrobe. Thousands of men have used these As Seen on TV compression shirts to look slimmer but how do they work in hiding a larger than normal male chest as is the case with most gynecomastia sufferers. Read on and see what we found.

  • Instantly look like you have lost weight
  • Helps a little bit in reducing the look of Gynecomastia
  • Give you the appearance of a flatter stomach
  • Wear it under any shirt
  • Helps to reduce the look of your side fat or love handles
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Reviewing InstaSlim™ Shirts:

Many of you will have seen InstaSlim™ shirts advertised on TV. They are known as the men’s slimming shirt. We’ve heard a lot of rumors that men can also wear these to help with gynecomastia and more importantly many of our readers have asked us to review these shirts to see if they help with the problem at hand, gynecomastia. So we bought some InstaSlim™ shirts so we could review them and get you our opinion on how well they work for gynecomastia.

These as seen on TV shirts can be purchased in 2 colors that go well under your shirts. White and black and are available in 3 different styles. A muscle tanktop, crew neck, and V-neck. All the shirts are comfortable to wear under your normal clothes.

These shirts look like a regular compression shirt and seems to hide belly and side fat nicely. I did find that the tanktop version tends to bunch up my fat around my armpits and squish it out. so if you are wearing a tight fitting shirt over top I would not recommend the tanktop but their crew or V-neck instead.

The material used for these shirts helps to wick away sweat, helping to reduce the chance of sweat peeking through your shirt, however the tank top doesn’t help as much in this department because of the lack of material in the armpit area.

Overall Satisfaction:

In our opinion these shirts don’t work very well in hiding gynecomastia. They do however do what they were designed to do which is hide your belly and side fat. But they only offer mild reduction in hiding larger than normal male chests.

Compared to not wearing a compression shirt at all these shirts do work, but if you suffer from gynecomastia or have a larger chest that you are happy with then you are far better off buying one of our top three picks.


The InstaSlim™ shirts use an elastic material the firms and tightens your belly and side fat, and helps hide your gynecomastia to some degree. But the cut of the shirt targets the belly area far more than the chest area and that is what these shirts were designed for (see the photo above, notice how it widens in the chest area, limiting the compression effect there).

For men they work well for hiding regular stomach fat and also love handles but your money is spent better elsewhere if you are looking for help coving up your gyencomastia.

Wearability and overall comfort:

I could easily wear the InstaSlim™ line of shirts under my regular clothing all day long. feeling cool and comfortable. The shirts worked great in making my stomach look slimmer than it really is, but the effect on compressing my chest was not as good as the other shirts we have reviewed. They are a great slimming shirt for belly and side fat but that’s about it.

Like most other compression shirts it is best to wash them in cold water and gentle cycle, then hang them to dry or they will start to lose some of their compression properties. I usually just hang the shirts on my couch after I wash them and they dry pretty quickly.

Country or Origin (where it is made) USA

We are happy to report that the InstaSlim™ brand of shirts are made in the United States!

The last few years we have seen our PROUD country take a bruising financially. Sadly this effects everyone of us, so we try and do our part by supporting clothing made in the USA. However if we find a product that helps gynecomastia sufferers we will review it and rate it regardless of where it is made. We will list where it came from so that you can make an educated purchasing decision not only on performance but also if you choose to support the proud men and women who help make this country so great.

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