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GyneSlim™ Shirts overall review score
 4.5 out of 5
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Our new No.1 ranked Gynecomastia shirt is the GyneSlim™ shirt. These shirts are highly effective in hiding your gynecomastia, designed by a fellow gynecomastia sufferer who was tired of “Mickey Mouse” gimmicks and shirts that were made to hide belly fat but marketed as gynecomastia shirts.

These shirts are made to make you look better and feel better, boosting your confidence.

Their special design reduces the appearance of male breast tissue while having the secondary effect of also helping to slim your belly and love handles.

By simply wearing a GyneSlim™ shirt underneath your normal clothes you will no longer be embarrassed by your man boobs.

  • GyneSlim™ Shirts – ARE in the #1 spot as our best performing gynecomastia shirt for man boobs.
  • Made specifically for guys suffering from gynecomastia
  • These shirts are made in the USA and leave regular compression shirts in the dust if you want to hide your man boobs
  • Hides your gynecomastia by applying pressure in the areas that need it most
  • Takes years off your body by making you look slimmer and better
  • So stealthy, they hide conceal your problem areas under almost any shirt.
  • Get “How to Lose Man Boobs Guide” FOR FREE a leading Diet & Exercise guide (When you buy the 3 or 5 pack)
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GyneSlim™ Shirts Review:

Having tried lots of normal compression shirts, like SlimT’s™, Under Armour, and Nike Pro Combat shirts, but to our dismay we have always thought they could give you a bit more compression in the areas where we need it most; in the upper-chest. There are other compression shirts that claim they target your belly and surrounding love handles, but gynecomastia sufferers need a solution that targets a different area and that is where the new GyneSlim™ shirts outperform their competition. Now on to the review and let’s find out why they are so good.

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I ordered some sample shirts and as they are white they are perfect as I wear a lot of light colored thin dress shirts. For our test criteria we broke it down into three categories: Wearability and comfort, Performance, and Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction:

GyneSlim™ shirts shirts feel good against your skin while compressing the male chest area and giving you the appearance of a slimmer chest instantly!

After wearing these shirts for a few weeks we decided that the GyneSlim™ shirts deserved to be the new #1 gynecomastia shirt. GyneSlim™ shirts are now my daily undershirt.

GyneSlim™ shirts are incredibly comfortable to wear and do their job discreetly, hiding your larger chest better than ANY of the other shirts that myself or the other evaluators have tried. When I first started to wear the shirts it felt really odd to get compliments from friends and co-workers on how great I looked. My confidence was boosted as I noticed women checking me out (and in a good way).

Why are these shirts so effective? Well a lot of the “chest slimming” shirts on the market today are mainly designed to hide belly fat and those love handles that usually accompany a bigger belly, but do little to help hide enlarged male breast tissue, and that’s where GyneSlim™ shirts truly are a step above.

GyneSlim™ shirts are the only true compression shirts that are designed specifically to help gynecomastia sufferers, whether you have a mild case or fully diagnosed gynecomsatia these shirts can help you look your best. We compared these to the competition and hands down these shirts work the best!

Our recommendation is that you buy their “Work Week” pack as they give you a generous discount and throw in a free popular exercise and diet guide to help you reduce and lose those man breasts for good.

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GyneSlim™ shirts are specifically designed for gynecomastia sufferers. These shirts are a breath of fresh air when it comes to tackling gynecomastia. They help to fight unsightly bulging male breasts while not being so tight that you need a half an hour to get the shirt on. These shirts are easy on, easy off and they look and feel great! I can wear them under my shirts at the gym or comfortably all day long under my work shirts (I wear a button up dress shirt for work). When wearing a GyneSlim™ shirt out on the town I feel like a different man, it really is amazing how much difference a properly designed gynecomastia shirt can make.

These shirts are made from a complex Spandex-blend of fibers, helping to shape your chest and flatten your man boobs so that they look normal.

Both myself and the others had a great experience with GyneSlim™ shirts. I plan on ordering more, now that we’ve put them to the test.

Wearability and overall comfort:

GyneSlim™ shirts fit very comfortably, as I mentioned earlier, some gynecomastia shirts fit way too tight, making it uncomfortable and unhealthy to wear them for any lengthy period of time. But GyneSlim™ shirts provide a the support you need to conceal your gynecomastia, while still maintaining their ALL-DAY comfort.

We have no problem in recommending the GyneSlim™ shirts as our NEW #1 compression shirts for man boobs. Believe me when I say that GyneSlim™ shirts are the best compression shirts that we’ve ever reviewed. Period.


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When ordering your size, please measure yourself first and look at the size chart below. If you fall between 2 sizes order the larger size for the best fit.

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