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  • Rating 3.5/5 Stars.

CompRX™ Shirts overall review score
 3.5 out of 5
Reviewed by Adam

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Price: $39.95 + $9.95S&H

Dealing with gynecomastia is tough enough without having to put up with buying products that don’t work. We only list the best gynecomastia shirts or other compression shirts that work well on enlarged male chest tissue.

CompRX sell high compression grade sportswear but we started to hear good things about their shirts by fellow gynecomastia sufferers, so we decided to give them a try too and we were pleasantly surprised with the results.

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All the benefits of a top brand Compression shirt at a great price! These shirts start at $23.99 (+ $9.95 S&H) when you buy a 5 shirt pack and are still only $39.95 for a single shirt. CompRX sell these shirts in there line-up of sports clothing and not gynecomastia specific, but we think they could because they work so well.

  • CompRX Brand Shirts – 2nd place winning brand when it comes to hiding your man boobs
  • Actively hides your manboobs giving you a slimmer chest
  • Easily fits under your shirts so no one will know
  • Proudly made in the USA, Affordable quality made locally
  • Take away the look of all those excess pounds
CompRX™ Review Ratings
Price$39.95 +$9.95S&H
Verdict3.5 /5

CompRX Review:

We received our package containing the shirts quickly and rest assured CompRX™ ships their shirts fast and uses tracking.

I was surprised how well these shirts worked, considering they are not specifically made for covering up man boobs, although they are not as good as Gyneslim™, they work amazingly well. They offer just the right amount of compression to hide your man boobs and still feel comfortable to wear all day long. Sometimes at the end of a long day I discover I am still wearing one as I head to bed, they are that comfortable that you forget you are wearing it.

We ordered our sample shirts in white but they also offer both their sleeved undershirts and their sleeveless in black and what I really like about them is that they are virtually undetectable under any top.

Our test criteria are broken down into three categories: Wearability and comfort, Performance, and Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction:

These are great shirts! Even if CompRX charged more money for them they would still be a good value, they definitely help reduce the look of unsightly gynecomastia. They fit well under cloths and their fabric helps to keep you cooler, sweat less and when you do sweat it wicks away the moisture keeping you dryer.

Thanks CompRX™ for a great product! We will buy from you again.


I have a long standing opinion on how important the sleeve is in properly supporting the compression material around the chest, so the lack of a sleeveless version is not bad thing. It reduced my chest size by a few inches and made my stomach and side fat look smaller and feel firmer. The sleeveless still works well but my personal pick is the short sleeved CompRX shirt.

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At work I felt cool, comfortable and confident with CompRX working in the background to hide my manboobs. I wore one to the gym and was happy with the way I looked, If I had bought the black versions of the shirts I could have worn them on their own to the gym without a shirt overtop. But the white shirts can show dark hair so if you are hairy you might want to stick to wearing the white shirts strictly as an undershirt.

Wearability and overall comfort:

The shirts were very comfortable to wear, they are compression shirts so you will notice a slight hugging feeling, however you get used to it pretty quick. They do a good job at wicking away moisture and breathe well. I was happy to wear CompRX shirts under my dress shirts while at the office and under a short sleeved sport shirt when I hit the gym.

Country or Origin (where it is made) USA

We are happy to report that the CompRX brand of shirts are made in the United States!

The last few years we have seen our PROUD country take a bruising financially. Sadly this effects everyone of us, so we try and do our part by supporting clothing made in the USA. However if we find a product that helps gynecomastia sufferers we will review it and rate it regardless of where it is made. We will list where it came from so that you can make an educated purchasing decision not only on performance but also if you choose to support the proud men and women who help make this country so great.


Want maximum performance? Then be sure to order one size smaller than you normally wear to maximize CompRX’s compression effect.

Buy CompRX™ Shirts$39.95+$9.95S&H

CompRX Man Boob Shirts

Pricing for the #2 brand in hiding gynecomastia starts at only $39.99 per shirt.

CompRX shirts are available in all popular sizes. To get the best chest compression results I recommend ordering one size smaller than you normally wear.

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