SlimT’s Shirts Review

SlimT’s™ Male Slimming Shirt – Rated as the #3 Compression Shirt – As Seen on TV

SlimT’s™ Shirt Review

SlimT's Compression Shirts

Overall Rating:

  • Rating 2.5/5 Stars.

SlimT’s™ Shirts overall review score
 2.5 out of 5
Reviewed by Adam

Price: $19.95

REVIEW UPDATE: We have just found out that SlimT’s don’t seem to be accepting orders through their website. We’ll keep you updated if this changes. This is just one more reason to recommend GyneSlim™ shirts as the best chest compression shirts.

SlimT’s™ is one of the compression shirts that you find advertised on TV. While not Gynecomastia specific, we do find that it has a positive effect in controlling the look of Gynecomastia. These SlimT’s shirts are designed to fit comfortably underneath your everyday clothing. These shirts are designed to make you look slimmer, reducing the look of your belly and side fat, but how to they measure up with hiding your man boobs? Well that’s what we aim to find out.

  • Rated #3 for helping to hide Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)
  • Easily hidden under your any shirt
  • Helps to slim your chest
  • Makes you look slimmer
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SlimT’s™ Slimming Shirt Review:

The manufacture states that SlimT’s™ shirts are made from a blend of Spandex fibers that help to flatten your stomach and slim your waist, concealing your love handles and helping to give yoru chest that extra lift and shape.

Unlike most other slimming shirts SlimT’s™ achieve their slimming effect from their 12 specially designed firming panels which as far as I can see, when examining the shirt, they are a different weave of the same spandex material, placed in the stomach area to help compress the belly.

For our test criteria we broke it down into three categories: Wearability and comfort, Performance, and Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction:

In our opinion SlimT’s™ shirts deserve third place (#3 spot), while they are comfortable to wear and fit discreetly under your clothing, they are designed to deal with men who are larger in their mid-section not men who suffer from gynecomastia. This translates to a good slimming effect but just an ok job dealing with the male chest area. The #1 gynecomastia shirt line, GyneSlim™, is first and foremost made to deal with your gynecomastia and then tackle mid-section belly fat and love handles if you have them.

So in-short these AS-SEEN-ON-TV shirts are one of the best for just slimming your belly but not the best choice for helping to hide your man boobs.

If you suffer from or have been diagnosed with gynecomastia then we recommend you read our review of the #1 shirt that fights the look of gynecomastia GyneSlim™


The special stretch panels do a nice job in giving you the look and appearance of a slimmer belly, but we are a bit disappointed in how the SlimT™ shirts tackle a larger than normal male chest. When I wear a SlimT’s™ shirt I notice the improvement in how I look thinner in my belly and my love handles, but until I lose my man boobs my SlimT’s™ tend to stay in their drawer, since there are much better alternative for reducing the look of gynecomastia.

Remember, Like many of the other brands we’ve reviewed order a Slim Tee that is one size smaller than you normally wear for the best results.

Wearability and overall comfort:

SlimT’s™ look soft and comfortable and they are. They help to keep you cool, although in my opinion the material does not do as good of a job in wicking away moisture as the Gyneslim™ or CompRX brand of shirts. I can wear them all day comfortably under my cloths and the material looks to stand up to repeated washing very well.

They are a great shirt for hiding your belly and side fat but could be better in hiding gynecomastia. It’s not the shirt’s fault as it simply was not designed to do the job, it was designed to make your belly look slimmer.

As mentioned earlier, if you suffer from or have been diagnosed with gynecomastia then we recommend you read our review of the #1 shirt that fights the look of gynecomastia GyneSlim™

Country or Origin (where it is made): China

In the last few years we have seen our Proud country take a bruising financially. Sadly this effects everyone of us, so we try and do our part by supporting clothing made in the USA . However if we find a product that helps gynecomastia sufferers we will review it and rate it regardless of where it is made. We will list where it came from so that you can make an educated purchasing decision not only on performance but also if you choose to support the proud men and women who help make this country so great.

What To Know When Ordering Your SlimTee’s™ Shirts

UPDATE : SlimT’s are no longer accepting orders through their website. Try our #1 man boob shirt instead.

Rest assured all the major payment cards can be used to buy their shirts.

SlimT’s™ Slimming Shirt$19.95

Slim Tee's Compression Shirts

SlimTee’s™ are available in all major sizes, check their web site for the correct size chart.